We can show you the architecture of Istanbul from its first buildings to the present. Unlike classical tours we also care for the architectural production of  more recent times. Therefore exploring Istanbul with GA-Istanbul would mean to understand the whole.  Istanbul in tours of half, whole or several days, prepared according to your needs and wishes. A trip through Istanbul and its built environment can include many different topics, like housing, industrial zones and buildings, educational buildings, adaptive re-use of historical buildings, single and maybe tiny precious architectural projects squeezed into the city and their interiors as well as questions of art and design hidden in the craze of Istanbul.

Historical buildings are not restricted to the masterpiece of Hagia Sophia the impressive mosques of architect Sinan, the Topkapi Palace and the Grand Bazaar. There are many interesting old buildings in the hustle and bustle of Istanbul, that nobody would ever show you-BUT we do. And they live side by side with the present. Of course there are many topics that we cannot cover by ourselves BUT through our academia network and our personal contacts we can find the adequate experts for your interests and create the contacts. This city has a lot to offer that we can transmit in English, German and on request in other languages. We care for students. Contact us!!


If you do not want to think about all the possible options or you do not have a very certain aim, here you will find three different routes in which you can explore Istanbul from an architectural point of view. In variations of half and full day tours we give you insight into the contemporary building scene, show you the urban and architectural developments from the 1930’s to the present, as well as examples of restoration and adaptive reuse of historical buildings. They are all definitely only by foot to ensure the proposed time frame. They are NOT open tours, where you can sign up. Contact us.